Swedish Dads on Parental Leave

Kristian Koerner, a 37 year old artist, is on parental leave for 8 months taking care of his twin daughters Hedvig and Edith aged 6 months.

Niklas Lindgren, a 32 year old IT engineer, is on parental leave for 8 months and takes care of his son Nils (9 months), as well as of Alma (3.5 years) who goes to day care.

Jonathan Seaquist, a 40 years old phisical geography Professor at Lund University, is on parental leave for 5 months and devotes his full time to his daughters Zoe (9 months) and Liv (3.5 years).

Today, 85% of Swedish dads take parental leave. Sweden was the first country to adopt parental leave, instead of maternal leave, in 1974. Starting from 1995 Swedish legislation provides that if fathers do not take advantage of parental leave, the family looses 1 month of subsidies, which later become 2 months in 2002. Parents are entitled to a 390-day leave which can be used until the child’s 8th birthday. 8 on 10 Swedish fathers take leave for at least one third of the 13 months parental leave. During leave, parents are paid 80% of their salary.