Almost 60 Seconds

Michal is a 24 years old guy from Poland.  After he graduated in History and Classic Phylology two years ago he decided to change his way of life and to become a traffic light juggler around the world.

“I speak 5 languages (Polish, English, Italian, Russian and Spanish).  I have been to 5 continents in 2012 and I visited 40 countries so far.  This way I am continuing my informal education, because I don’t have any trust in formal education”.

“Italy is my favorite place to work because people smile to me and are generous, even if I also have problems with the police, and the traffic is dangerous.”

“I play my show with the red traffic light on, and it takes almost 60 seconds, 45/50 seconds to perform and 10/15 seconds to collect money. With the money i save I buy cheap flight tickets to travel around the world.”

“If every driver would give me money I would be rich, and lazy: money changes your mind.  Many young people say: I want, I need, while I don’t expect to get anything without working.”

“In Poland an average salary is about 400 Euros and when I listen to European people complaining because they can’t afford to live with 1000 Euros, I smile…there is no economic crisis in Italy or Spain or Greece…”.

“I speak because I want to give hope to young people who don’t know what to do with their life. Everybody has his own skills, we simply have to learn how to use it.”