Active Aging

The last chapter of our life is scary. It is a season of goodbyes, weakness, illness and dependence on other people. However, I asked myself if it could also be something different. I focused on a retirement home called “Villa Cenacolo”, located in Lentate sul Seveso, 25 km north of Milan, where lots of activities are organized internally, thanks to Ms. Rita Bordin. The aim is to render everyday life more interesting and even fun for those who are no longer self-sufficient. Rita showed me all the activities offered to their “guests”, like chorus, swimming class, wellness, literature reading, painting, gymnastic, bingo, day trips and more. Through Rita I met Rosa, 92 years old, Carla 100 years old and Adele, 86 years old. They surprised me with their vitality and their happiness. Activities are strongly supported by many volunteers of the association “Un sorriso in più” (“One more smile”), who provide free support to the 3 members of staff at Villa Cenacolo. My work wants to witness a hidden side of ageing. My subjects are surely not in perfect physical shape, but they bravely and fully live this season of their lives.

My challenge is to look closer at the age no one wants to face.