Donne combattenti



Women played an essential role in the partisan Resistance, which fought against the Italian fascist regime and the nazi occupation of Italy in 1943-1945. Women partisans were not drafted by the regime and therefore made an independent and selfless decision to join the Resistance. They were girls in their twenties who, humble but determined, fought against a male enemy, dressed in black shirts and nazi uniforms. They helped in every way they could: first by hiding and feeding other freedom fighters, then by carring information and weapons. Some of them were actively involved in combat operations. Many were arrested and tortured, but continued to resist and to hold the belief that the loss of their life was worth the cause they were fighting for. These women, now aged 80 and 90 years old, are the last eye witnesses of the fascist dictatorship that dragged Italy to war. Their contribution to the freedom of our country must not be forgotten..